A world renowned speaker, activist, teacher, and Master of Yogic Numerology and Healing, Yogi Akal has been helping people achieve optimal wellness and success since 1973.

Yogi Akal (also known as Agia Akal Singh Khalsa) is an expert in working with the total being, both personally and professionally. An accomplished Yogi, Sikh minister, social commentator and widely sought after consultant, counsellor and teacher, he is also a dynamic and compelling speaker, having conducted hundreds of programs throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Since 1973, Yogi Akal has been teaching people how to achieve optimal health, wellness and success; reaching out and communicating, understanding the world we live in, how the mind, body and spirit connect, and how to achieve one's potential on the job, at school, or at home. He has a distinguished record with prominent universities, schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, international Yoga organizations, government agencies, and corporations.

Yogi is frequently called upon by network media producers and celebrities, political and government figures, business and spiritual leaders, athletes, doctors and educators, as well as everyday people for perspective and strategy. Also well-versed in social commentary and current trends, news entities such as CNN and CNBC have counted on him for valuable insights into the people and events that shape the world and the local community.

As a pioneer, Yogi Akal was the first yogi to appear on national and international news networks, and he continued to appear on radio and TV in Europe, USA, the Caribbean, and Canada. He established the first career oriented and academic institution for Yoga therapy training in Canada, providing a new model for holistic education.

Earlier in his career, Yogi Akal introduced complementary therapies into the mainstream. He was one of the first to teach Yoga and drama therapy in schools and hospitals in both British Columbia and Quebec, the director of the first Children's Ashram in North America, and the first to teach Yoga in public schools in New York, Connecticut and Montreal.

Yogi Akal was the first yogi to be elected to a national board for peace education and to serve as a delegate to the United Nations. He has developed numerous humanitarian and activist initiatives, such as Yoga Without Borders.

Yogi Akal is recognized as the world Master of Yogic Numerology. He is the foremost authority on a specialized branch of Yogic teachings, known as Ten Body Yoga, and is the developer of Das Prakash, a unique Yogic system of healing. His body of work has extended to the Internet through his innovative online learning community and multimedia productions.

"I believe that there is a genius inside each living being, each soul and that this prodigious consciousness moves us individually and collectively, constantly and patiently, from darkness to light in each moment of our life. Each of us goes through this process, in our own way, with our own unique circumstances and capacities." -- Yogi Akal

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